The Eco-Friendly KT STEPPER

Kt Steppers are High-End, Completely Customized and Personalized Step Stools (aka 'steppers'). Each Stepper is Hand-Painted and Designed for 'Your Little Stepper' and Space in Mind.


Winner 2012 Cribsie Awards - Finalist

Kt Stepper photographed with Ian Ziering in People Magazine Sept.2013 issue

Tori Spelling Named Katie "KT" Mompreneur of the Moment on ediTORIal by Tori

Tour Tori Spelling's Nursery For Baby Hattie & check out Hattie's Personalized Step Stool (aka 'stepper')

Take a Tour of Bethenny's New Home & Check out Bryn's New Big Girl Room Featuring her Personalized Step Stool (aka 'stepper')

Autumn Reeser Blog's About Finn's Stepper ....a nursery tale!

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